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Republican Racism Example #36: The Sandra Fluke Fiasco Takes An Anti-Semitic Turn

Let me start with a slightly off-topic anecdote.  A friend of mine was always obsessed with horror movies.  In his early adolescence, his mother took him to see the third Omen movie.  The flick features a rather brutal sex scene involving the villain and my friend was puzzled by it and asked his mother questions about the bedroom violence.  “You didn’t think the anti-Christ would be a gentle lover, did you?” she responded. 

Let me pose a similar question.  You didn’t think that Rush Limbaugh fans were nice people, did you?

A right wing blogger has come to the defense of Limbaugh, the drug abusing radio blowhard, in wake of the Sandra Fluke fiasco.  Fluke wanted to testify before a Congressional committee against proposed legislation that would give employers the option to deny employees insurance coverage for birth control.  

Fluke wanted to tell the committee about the expense of paying for birth control out-of-pocket and relate the story of a friend who needed birth control pills for treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.  She was denied a chance to testify at the hearing, but instead spoke at a press conference arranged by Democrats on the committee.

For being an involved citizen exercising her right to petition Congress for a redress of grievances, this college student was subjected to a three-day coast-to-coast onslaught from Limbaugh, who demeaned her as a “slut,” a “prostitute” and who demanded that men should have the right to see sex videos of her in return for insurance coverage of her birth control.

That was certainly creepy and ugly enough.  Limbaugh’s fans, such as syndicated cartoonist Mike Lester made this verbal assault worse.  Lester published a moronic, racist cartoon portraying President Obama as a Superfly-style pimp for the “prostitute” Fluke.  (See my previous post, “Republican Racism Example #34: Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke, and Mike Lester’s Racist Cartoon.” ) Now another “dittohead,” Books Bayne (if that indeed is the coward’s name), of the right-wing blog “The Graph,” has gotten hold of pictures of Fluke and her boyfriend, and some alleged “tweets” from the boyfriend’s Twitter account. Bayne wants to make an issue out of the fact that Fluke’s boyfriend Adam Mutterperl is Jewish. 

Sandra Fluke, a smart, dignified George University law student who brought an intelligent argument to a debate over health care reform.  (Photo from 

Rush Limbaugh, a radio blowhard and for more than two decades an enabler of racism and ignorance.
(Photo from

Part of Bayne’s argument parallels his hero Rush Limbaugh’s and is as follows:

Sandra Fluke believes that women’s birth control pills should be covered by the insurance policies offered by  her law school, Georgetown University.

Ergo, Fluke is a slut.

Bayne extends Rush’s argument in this way. 

Fluke dates a Jewish man.

Ergo, Fluke is a Jewess/slut/Socialist

The anti-Semitic dittohead "Brooks Bayne" in a photo from his Facebook page at

To “Bayne” (my experience with dittoheads is that they are classic bullies, too cowardly to post anything under their real names), being Jewish automatically means one is a radical socialist.  His primary evidence for the Jew=Socialist accusation is a scene from the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall.    Seriously.  Over and over again, at his blog Bayne obsesses over Mutterperl’s Semitic last name.  He engages in crude anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish unmanliness and radical politics, publishes a picture of the boyfriend’s parents, and in other ways invades the couple’s  privacy at  Please note that this genius refers to the boyfriend's trip to Barcelona, Italy.  You have to be impressed with the knowledge and worldliness of dittoheads.)

Based on real evidence -- his words – Rush Limbaugh is a racist.  Based on his blog, Bayne is a raging anti-Semite.  Tragically he is quality of person Limbaugh draws to the Republican Party.  

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He is currently collaborating, with longtime journalist Betsy Friauf, on a history of African American culture, politics and black intellectuals in the Lone Star State called God Carved in Night: Black Intellectuals in Texas and the World They Made.

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