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Republican Racism Example #28: Carl Palidino And His Perverse And Hateful Videos

In spite of all their appalling political success, it often appeared that in 2010 the Tea Party Republicans had recruited their candidates from the cast of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  The GOP field of medalists in the Gonzo Olympics included Christine O’Donnell, the unsuccessful Republican Senate nominee in Delaware (who once admitted on Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect  to having “dabbled” in witchcraft) and Rich Iott, the failed Republican Congressional candidate in Ohio who turned out to have spent weekends dressing in a Nazi SS uniform reenacting the adventures of a German division that took part in the Holocaust.  (See my earlier post, “Republican Racism Example #26: The Pretend Nazi and the Pretend Plumber.”)  The gold medalist of weird, however, may have been the Republican gubernatorial nominee in New York, Carl Paladino, who had a bad habit of sending racist emails and bestiality videos to his friends.

Carl  Palidino: the creepy sex videos and the racist jokes he sent in emails to friends didn't bother his Tea Party followers. (Photo from the CBS News website at

A millionaire real estate developer, Paladino “gifted” his email buddies over the years leading up to the 2010 election with a video of a woman having sex with a horse and one headlined “Miss France 2008 Fucking.”   Relevant to this blog, Paldino was not just pathologically strange, but also a crude bigot.  The Republican, who defeated the establishment-backed Rick Lazio in the GOP primary, also forwarded a picture of a airplane landing near a black man with the caption, “Holy Shit, run niggers, run.” 

Another email contained a photo-shopped picture of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama dressed as a pimp and prostitute.

This is one variation of the demeaning "Barack-and-Michelle-Obama-as-pimp-and-hooker" images that were circulated by Republicans like Carl Palidino.  (Image from

A video sent by Palidino showed members of an African tribe dancing with the description, “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal.”   He also defended a friend who characterized New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Jew, as an “Antichrist.”  (For more, see the CBS news site at

Palidino insisting he was just showing a politically incorrect sense of humor and proudly described himself as being blunt.  Those fine Christians in the Tea Party didn’t mind Palidino’s weird sex videos, f-bombs, n-words, or his obvious racism and  condescension towards the president of the United States.  They didn’t even seem rattled by the revelation of the existence of a Palidino love child.  Their hero called for slashing the state budget, reducing taxes,  toughening sentences for prisoners and teaching them “personal hygiene,” and bashed gays, and that was enough for the Teabaggers. 

But establishment Republicans and the rest of New Yorkers concluded that the GOP nominee was a hate-filled creepy old man.    Paladino won a mere 34 of the vote against Democratic nominee Andrew Cuomo in what was generally a bad election year for the Democrats.  His support came mainly from the very conservative counties surrounding his native Buffalo.  In a bizarre concession speech, Paladino channeled Robert DeNiro from the movie The Untouchables, wielding a baseball bat.  (In the movie, DeNiro plays Al Capone.  He carries around a baseball bat during a dinner with his mob lieutenants and clubs to death an underling who failed to keep a bootleg liquor warehouse concealed from Chicago police.) 

Paladino, with the bat perched on his shoulder, announced to Cuomo, “As our next governor, you can grab this handle and bring the people with you to Albany.  Or you can leave it untouched and run the risk of having it wielded against you. Because make no mistake, you have not heard the last of Carl Paladino."  (See

In a normal year, Palidino would have been an exotic sideshow. But there have been no normal years for the Republican Party during the Obama administration.

Sadly, he had peers on the GOP ticket who were almost as racist and unstrung.

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  1. Just so you know, pretty much everything you said was wrong, but I always didn't read all that BS..
    Democrats are the real racist And always have been. People know that now. You know, Senator Byrd and the KKK. Democrats were always out voted when it came to civil rights. Please stop posting lies. Oh yeah the first birther was really Hillary Clinton....