Thursday, February 9, 2012

Republican Racism Example #12: CPAC Meeting Features White Supremacists

This week's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington featured not just the usual right-wing political has-beens like Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, but also a man who runs an outspoken white supremacist website:  Peter Brimelow.  Named after Virginia Dare, the first white child said to have been born in colonial Virginia, the VDARE website warns that America will collapse if it ceases to be controlled by a white majority. 

VDARE contains regular rants against Jews and postings arguing that blacks and Latinos are intellectually inferior.  Brimelow, who runs the site through the VDARE Foundation, will take part in a CPAC panel titled "“The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the Pursuit of Diversity Is Weakening the American Identity."  He will sit with Robert Vandervort, long active in white nationalist circles in Chicago and executive director of ProEnglish, an "English only" activist group.

Peter Brimelow, a speaker at this week's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., is a longtime white supremacist who believes the United States is for, by and of white people and should forever stay that way. (Photo taken from the Southern Poverty Law Center website.)

The Southern Poverty Law Center has long monitored the VDARE site and has archived some of its more ugly racist and anti-Semitic postings.  “America was defined — almost explicitly, sometimes very explicitly — as a white nation, for white people, and what that means is that there is virtually no figure, no law, no policy, no event in the history of the old, white America that can survive the transition to the new and non-white version,” wrote the late Sam Francis, a one-time writer for the right-wing Washington Times and a supporter of conservative Republican politics, posted in 2003.  (Francis was also a friend of Nixon speechwriter and Reagan communications director Pat Buchanan.)

Kevin McDonald, a California State University - Long Beach psychology professor who has authored a trio of anti-Semitic books claiming that Jews are undermining America, warned VDARE readers that, "Jewish activity collectively, throughout history, is best understood as an elaborate and highly successful group competitive strategy directed against neighboring peoples and host societies. The objective has been control of economic resources and political power. One example: overwhelming Jewish support for non-traditional immigration, which has the effect of weakening America’s historic white majority."

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin McDonald, a fiercely anti-Semitic  and racist psychology professor at California State University at Long Beach, who has contributed articles for the VDARE website.  (Photo from 
A column by white supremacist Jared Taylor on VDARE scoffed at “the fantasy of racial equality” and feature dubious research by J. Phillipe Rushton, the head of the eugenicist Pioneer Fund who has claimed that there is an inverse relationship between IQ and penis size and that people of African descent have unusually large genitalia.

The site’s creator Brimelow authored a novel called Alien Nation and has said that American immigration laws should be rewritten to exclude non-white.  He has said that he believes he has found kindred spirits in the Tea Party movement which, he approvingly noted, is “about race,”  Brimelow also acknowledges that the anti-Obama movement is, in his words, “overwhelmingly white.”

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